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Important Emergency Ambulance information for UPMC Health Plan members


Recently many Shaler Township residents received a very misleading letter from UPMC Health Plan. The letter stated that Shaler EMS was no longer a UPMC participating provider and that they must contact a new provider for service. This is only true for non-emergency transportation. Shaler EMS is still your provider for 911 emergencies.


Title 40, Chapter 2, Article XXI of the Pennsylvania law known as the Insurance Reform Act requires insurance plans to pay for medically necessary emergency medical services. Because Shaler EMS is the designated and licensed emergency medical services provider for Shaler Township, Shaler EMS will continue to be dispatched to provide emergency medical care and transportation. Under Pennsylvania law, your insurance provider is required to pay all reasonably necessary cost associated with the emergency services provided by a licensed provider. IF YOU ARE EXPERIANCING A MEDICAL EMERGENCY, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO DIAL 911 TO RECEIVE HELP.


Shaler EMS is no longer a provider to UPMC Health Plan for non-emergency ambulance transportation only. An example of non-emergency transportation would be an ambulance trip from hospital to hospital or from hospital to nursing home. As our primary focus is emergency medical services, we rarely provided non-emergency ambulance service for UPMC Health Plan members and have opted to concentrate our efforts on providing high quality emergency medical services.



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Emergency: 911
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